Product overview

Is a powerful software application designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating packaging designs. It offers a range of features and functionalities that enable users to generate professional, customized packaging solutions for various products quickly and efficiently.
Thanks to using inputs from 3D data (.stl) and advanced computational operations for analysis of volume and boundary conditions, you have powerfull tool for preparation whole project before you begin physically.
Integrated database inside a packaging tool helps users benefit from centralized data management, streamlined collaboration, improved traceability, and enhanced decision-making. It provides a comprehensive and organized system for managing packaging-related information, facilitating efficient design, and optimizing necessary operations.
It enables for quicker packaging design iterations and facilitate efficient scaling for bulk materials. This saves time and resources while ensuring consistency and accuracy in the packaging design process.

How can help with defining bulk materials?

This is the worst analytical estimates but, our advanced physical engine returns exact amount of parts to selected packaging variant.

Optipacker have special function for design and optimization of packaging solutions for bulk materials. This includes options for designing containers, pallets, or bulk bags that are suitable for storing and shipping bulk materials efficiently.


How can help with defining arranged parts?

Implemented features and functionalities helps users align parts within the packaging accurately. This ensures that the parts fit securely, are protected from damage, and are efficiently organized, ultimately contributing to a more effective and streamlined packaging process.